My 20th Year as a Hypnotherapist working with Depression, Anxiety & Panic

The end of this month marks 19 years for me as a hypnotherapist.

I began by looking into ways that I could take control of others who were treating me badly, and change their behaviour.
As a depression sufferer since a young age, I mistakenly believed that my pain was the responsibility of everyone else.

I was accepted onto a Clinical and Analytical Hypnotherapy training course, where I learned to take responsibility for my own responses to external forces. It was not an instant process, and I still became involved with toxic people for a while. Eventually, I learned to recognise the difference between those who genuinely energised and supported me, and those who would inadvertently, or deliberately drain my energy.

So, now in my 20th year as a therapist, I can bring genuine heart-felt passion and experience to my work.

This enables me to use what I have learned to help others through what I have experienced such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, imposter syndrome, and low self-esteem.
During this time of transition, I also became self-employed, setting up a business as a full-time therapist, and trainer, with all the pitfalls that that entails.

I now help people like me, with goals, plans, and dreams, and who are determined to conquer negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, dark feelings and heavy moods.

If you would like to feel clear-headed, confident, grounded and focused, I champion those who are in need of a guide to move to a new chapter of empowerment, have a look through my website and get in touch.

Feel Good, Feel Confident, and Achieve.