Anxiety and Panic Attacks

After being in business in Leeds for just under 3 months, I have seen 4 clients already, with anxiety. This can be so severe that it can stop people functioning. I have known clients who are too anxious to get out of bed in case something happens that they can’t deal with, leading to a panic attack.


For many who haven’t experienced this, the thought of not being able to get out of bed and enjoy the day’s challenges could be a distressing scenario, but for some, it is a place of safety.

The key to overcoming this debilitating mindset in hypnosis is to revisit occasions where the panic or anxiety attacks have occurred, and allow the subconscious mind to experience what it needs to overcome the feelings.

When something happens in the subsconscious, the effects are the same as if they were actually happening in the present. The emotional default response in the future will be the beneficial one experiences in hypnosis.

This is the kindest and simplest way to resolve anxiety, worry, lack of confidence, exam and driving nerves, and stress.