Common Causes of Absence from Work



Amongst the most common reasons for absence, and long term absence from work, are musculoskeletal disorders, back pain, and Stress. (

Stress, including Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Bullying can also contribute to physical illness. Pressured deadlines and targets, as much as physically demanding jobs lead to mental and emotional stress, which in turn creates physical tension in the body. This can cause imbalance in muscles and the nervous system, hormone imbalance, digestive problems (including IBS), headaches and migraine.

No-one would deny themselves help from a physiotherapist, chiropractor or massage therapist as a solution to physical discomfort, but seeking the same type of solution for emotional stress and anxiety is becoming a reality far too slowly. Often a visit to the GP results in time off work and a prescription

Work related anxiety, including that from bullying is a problem that is being presented to me as a hypnotherapist increasingly regularly. I suggest that part of the reason is because it is becoming more openly talked about, and more widely accepted as a thing that is not acceptable.