How to deal with Anxiety


Anxiety, Panic and Stress

Anxiety is something that blights many lives. Some don’t know where it came from and may say ‘I’ve always had it’.

No you haven’t, you weren’t born with it. You may have had an experience, or experiences at a very young age, and you don’t remember. A family member might have always been anxious, possibly mother or a grandparent and that caused anxiety from a young age. It has always come from somewhere.

We are all born with different characteristics and personalities, and some are naturally more cautious or sensitive than others, and some are more prone to anxiety than others.

For some sufferers it seems to have always been there, and for others it appears out of nowhere, maybe in the form of a panic attack.

Hypnotherapy is a rapid tool that allows the sufferer to discover where the cause originated, how to control or eliminate the symptoms, gain confidence and experience the freedom of living without it.

There are different types of anxiety too. Socially anxious people could have an introverted personality and not enjoy crowds or speaking in public. They might even panic at the thought of speaking on the telephone, or challenging someone who has made a mistake like giving the wrong change or delivering the wrong food in a restaurant. Even introverted personalities can be helped to relax and be less intimidated by the situations they are naturally less comfortable in.

Some anxiety comes from fears and phobias. Someone with a deep fear of spiders may be anxious about going in the garden shed. A person with a flying phobia might have a panic attack when faced with a dream trip to an exotic part of the world. Much anxiety seems to make no real sense.

However some anxieties are understandable, like taking exams or a driving test; going for a job interview or giving a speech at a wedding.

Other phobias such as agoraphobia or claustrophobia, affect the life of the sufferer quite severely.

There is anxiety that comes from real traumatic experiences. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a crippling condition which can lead to regular panic attacks, low confidence, nightmares, sleepless nights, and difficulty in concentrating. It can affect the appetite and lead to depression too. PTSD is now talked about openly as a possible consequence of war service, as well as the result of a car crash, domestic violence, rape, being attacked, or anything that is a ‘shock to the system’.

Anxiety and Stress go hand in hand. The consequences of stress are well known and have a physical effect on the body. I have recently heard of a child who has developed Crohn’s disease, possibly triggered by his parent’s divorce.

Hypnotherapy can assist with most types of anxiety including medical procedures, injections, and visits to the dentist.

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It is suggested that if someone suffers from prolonged anxiety or panic attacks, then a doctor’s examination is prudent to eliminate the possibility of the cause being medical.